I’ve promised my facebook followers a blogpost on human sacrifice – something I thought I’d write in an afternoon. After all, I’ve been pondering the subject for a long time, and got a couple of cool links to throw in. I even planned a few illustrations to light up the subject – if it is possible to light up such a grim part of reality. So I sat down to make a mindmap of the post.


And it grew.


I guess that’s the backside of knowing a lot about something; I may not be an expert on sacrifices, but I’m quite familiar with religion. Soon I found myself juggling local areas of Uppsala, Bismarck, Confucius and Hawaii – among other things. It was like wrestling a monster rather than writing a blog post. I briefly pondered giving it all up and pretend I never started. My ordinary writing needs attention, and this was only supposed to be amusement before I started a second round of editing. But I decided to go on. I don’t want to spend my life abandon projects because they are growing, especially since I can see the end of this one.


Project managers are familiar with this phenomenon, ie. project growing out of their bounds. When I studied we were given a heavy handed hint to cut down any work that ballooned. So I may let go of the illustrations, and I won’t let the text tentacle out to areas like talismans and cannibalism (I have to brush the subjects though). But for the joy of doing a job well I’ll let this blog post be big, with references where I can provide them, and with every train of thoughts reaching its end station. It may take a while though – I’m now doing the second round of editing (who needs a sane life anyway?).


In a way this is what makes a writer (or anyone who want’s to be good at a subject): the will to follow through no matter what happens. Life is going to put obstacles in the way and, perhaps more damaging, there are a lot of advice on the finer details sloshing around the internet: do this, use that and do never ever narf an iron! Well, a lot of those advices are good, but they tend to get in the way of the only advice you really need: Keep On Working.


So that’s what I’ll do now.