I left my brain unsupervised for five seconds, and it invented the two pastries ”Rickroll” and ”Neo-rickroll”. It’s not the first time something like this happen, it’s rather the life of someone with an unstoppably creative brain.

The recipes are not entirely finished, but the Rickroll is pink – a swissroll filled with raspberry buttercream and marshmallows, and decorated with sparkly sprinkles on the outside. Each slice is put on a plate and topped with a swirl of pink and peach frosting with silver star sprinkles (if they exist) carefully placed in a decorative pattern on the frosting. After all ”Never Gonna Give You Up” is so much eighties it hurts.

The Neo-rickroll is darker, a swissroll made of extremely chocolaty batter, filled with chocolate buttercream and strawberry jam. Silver sprinkles on the outside. Each slice is topped with a swirl of chocolate mousse peppered with flakes of bittersweet chocolate, and to top the topping off: a decorative dollop of strawberry syrup. (Yes, yes, you can have silver sprinkles here too, as long as you don’t use liquorice sprinkles. The combination of liquorice and chocolate makes angels and devils cry alike, and we can’t have that.)

I’m not entirely sure if I got rickrolled by my brain, or I rickrolled you… Perhaps it’s better to just enjoy the pastries.