The last few years I’ve lost two friends during the time I meant to visit them. Perhaps you know the drill; this person is a nice person, I/we should visit her/him sometime – and days pass by, becomes weeks and months and years, and that ”sometime” never shows up. One day you find out your friend is dead, and you’ve lost your chance. So when another friend of mine anounced on facebook that she’s got cancer my first thought was

”Not another one!”


It wasn’t panic. It wasn’t fear that she’ll die. It was determination to not leave another friend hanging. So I pinged her and we decided on a lunch at the best sushi restaurant in Uppsala. Not because we wanted to treat us, just because we happen to be lifelong fans. We sat outside, enjoyed our sushi and talked about lot of fun things. I didn’t ask much about cancer. It’s a big thing so what needs to be said tend to come out regardless. (It did.) She tried to convince me to start on that doctorate in theology – not that hard since I’ve already decided on it. I tried to be that friend you want to meet for a lunch (doesn’t come automatically when you’re an aspie). We decided to meet again.


It’s that easy.