It is possible to get your life together. In fact, it’s just a few steps left. Things may be dreary, hard, scary or dangerous, and you will get through it and it will be better. Take smaller steps if needed and see that you’re still moving forward. Soon you’ll be able to look back on those mountains you climbed and see that they’re really molehills.


It is possible to become a better human. Weather you’re a privileged snobb or battered underdog you can still foster understanding and strengthen your soul. You can learn to stretch out your hand to others and lift them up. Soon you’ll look at your life and say ”I helped these and when I did I suddenly saw myself in them. Instead of recievers of aid I saw equals and my heart is better for it.”


It is possible to build a better world. We all know what’s wrong with it, but we also know that there are people, yes entire organisations, working to build a better future. Your part in the work, be it to chip in a peanut’s worth of cash or working all your available hours or somewhere in between, will add momentum. Find your place and help to push the train to the right station. It may look far, but you are soon there.